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The Cinderella Solution is one of a kind with its built-in 3 Core Principles: Indulge three days a week with whatever foods you choose. Relaxation 167 out of 168 hours a week… Anti-overwhelming sustainability, while targeting the underlying causes of your belly fat, cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes. The The Cinderella Solution finally gives you the relief from hours of planning and stress associated with most traditional diet plans ridding your stomach from harmful belly fat to live a healthy normal life, again, full of energy and happiness. This super-simple overfeed program brand new revolutionary way to lose weight and still get to enjoy eating whatever we want 3 days a week. this program made public overfeed hour secret that banished 73 POUNDS of stubborn stomach fat, reducing your joint pain and your risk for high blood pressure, menopause, type II diabetes, while balancing your youth hormone, and increasing your energy and sex drive, lightning fast.


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